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Hi and welcome to the extra part of the website where I will just throw in some not work related matter. A few tunes and maybe some pictures or things of interest. Since this is 2020 and the time of covid....anything goes...haha


Here are some Musical samples of me playing various instruments.



Me playing Halo on the piano

Me playing some 1950s style rock on piano

Me playing Pachebell on the piano

Me playing classical

Me playing more classical music



Me playing sax



Me playing my $80 cello a few hours after I bought it. I am using a cheap violin bow.



Me playing fiddle




Me playing guitar




Me playing drums


KARAOKE / MY Singing

Me singing Sail away by Styx

Me singing Still loving you by Scorpions

Me singing Love of my life by Queen

Me singing Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen

Me singing Bruno Mars Talking to the moon

Me singing Jason Mraz song Im Yours














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