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I am a personal assistant who specializes in helping people by taking care of their yards.


I mostly do things like cut grass on contract or as needed, trim hedges and trees, weed gardens, plant and transplant flowers, spread soil and install plastic edging and more.


I also clean eaves, stain decks and fences and even do basic repairs and decluttering garages and basements.


I am well known for my yard makeovers which allow people to sell their homes easier or to simply enjoy what they have had hidden for a while.


For around $250 I go in and make nice. Trim everything... Cut..blow sweep..weed and make the miracle. 



Prices are fair and reasonable.


I work by myself and usually put in a day 10 to 4 and charge $160


Some rates are

_ monthly Grass cut (4times). $150

- grass per cut $60

- trim trees $80 to $150

- cut trees (small) $80 to $150

- trim. Hedges $80

- clean eaves $80 to $120

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Winnipeg, Manitoba

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" call for yourself or for your parents "

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